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  • Bus: 17, 45, 705, 73, 83, 84

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Restaurant “Saran” is the soul of Zemun and the modern spirit of Zemun. Over a century ago river fisherman Vicentije Vukotic opened a tavern on the ground floor of his house which very quickly became known for its uniquely flavored fish soup whose traditional recipes are still used today. This adorable house right next to the right coast of Danube draws the eye thanks to its architecture and since its founding day has brought together the biggest celebrities and names from the various areas of work and life and for fishermen it was the first stop where they’d come with arms full of fresh fish, straight off the boat. This is something that “Saran” still takes pride in today.
Restaurant “Saran” today continues to enchant and charm its audience with a warm atmosphere, delicious cuisine, homey warmth and excellent offer of drinks. The house is filled with massive, full-wood furniture, walls are painted in warm sun colors, materials reflect the colors of the beautiful Danube and other interior details make it unique and symbolic. What places “Saran” in the top of Belgrade’s hospitality offer today is surely our cuisine. Years of work, experience, youthful energy and ambition of a well-practiced team have resulted in a unique offer and quality.
“Saran” is categorized as a fish restaurant with four stars. The Danube tradition is upheld through a rich offer of traditional and unique river fish specialties, because it’s what’s expected from the restaurant. “Saran” has gone one step further in their modern tendencies so in addition to the freshest bounty of the rivers and seas, we also make our own sweets and also have options for those who don’t like fish. In addition to good food, drinks, honest service and a relaxed atmosphere “Saran” has added notes and song. Every night you can expect – great ‘tamburitza’ music with the beauty of their instruments and vocals.
restaurant “Saran” is there for you.

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