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Address: 53 Kej Oslobodjenja st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2618-235, 069/261-8235

4/ 5stars

THE SOUL OF ZEMUN The tavern SARAN is a proud of Zemun. It is located next to the bank of the Danube River, SARAN still preserves the old spirit of this town. Over more than a century ago, a fisherman Vicentije Vukotic opened in a ground floor of his house a tavern that very soon became widely known for its fish soup of the unique taste, whose traditional recipe, even today, is preserved only in this place. From a pub at the river bank, once a meeting place for fishermen and passengers, it became a modern restaurant that gathers lovers of fish specialties, good wine and company, from artists to diplomats; the restaurant SARAN was and remained a soul of Zemun.
SARAN restaurant has 130 years long tradition and it waits for you in its completely renovated ambience.
The rich offer of river and sea fish prepare by the experienced exquisite chefs, with both traditional recipes and with the contemporary cooking trends.
The exquisite ambience with live music. A rich selection of domestic an dforeign wines. Pleasant staff and homey atmosphere. It is the ideal place for a business and family lunch or diner, with very favorable prices of food and drinks.