Saloons Belgrade

Address: 66a Kneza Viseslava st., Kosutnjak
Belgrade Phone: 011/354-33-44
E-mail: kafanica77@gmail.com
Website: www.kafanicabg.com

4/ 5stars

Kafanica is located in Kosutnjak, one of the most beautiful Belgrade field trip places.
Inwrought into the beautiful nature of Kosutnjak forest, if offers you a chance to, in a original ambient, feel the charm of Serbian tradition and enjoy the domestic specialties: katchamak, prsuto, proja, kajmak, traditional cooked dishes, grill, roast under the satch, domestic rakija and wine...
Working hours: 09-23 every day.
Fridays and Saturdays night, you can enjoy the gastronomic specialties with live music.