Saloons Belgrade

Address: 14 Niska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/21-01-596, 069/21-99-862

4/ 5stars

Restaurant "Mačkov podrum" can be found in Zemun, in Niskoj on 14 Cult place in Belgrade, which epitomizes the true urban pubs and memorial bohemian lifestyle. Restaurant whose charm attracts people of good will, all
generation, admirers of tradition and culture of our people.

Finding the perfect way to combine a rich tradition and a way uživajanja in good food and drink, with the needs of modern man for a place that evokes the spirit and invigorates the body, we have created an atmosphere in a unique way that makes you feel
at home.

Just for you from our menu:
* Grill - mixed meat, kebabs, burgers
* Main dishes - karadjordjeve Schnitzel, Wiener Schnitzel, princes steak ...
* House specialties - stuffed hot wings
* Salad - šopska salad, coleslaw, salad hoopla ...

What will particularly draw your attention next great offers national dishes on our menu are stuffed with hot wings in our restaurant, which is stored in a special way and that our restaurant stand out from the others.

Visit us and see why we are a hearty recommendation of our regular guests.
You are welcome!

Restaurant "Mačkov podrum" Zemun, Belgrade.