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Seminars, education Belgrade
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Educational center “Korak napred” (a step ahead) originated in 2015 with the desire to help the youth in attaining high quality knowledge, mostly in mathematics, physics, IT technologies and other areas. The founder of the center is professor Ivan Elecic who has over 20 years of experience in educating students.

We provide the following courses:
- For preschoolers (math and computer school)
- For junior schoolers (preparation for graduating, preparation for enlisting in Mathematics high school, preparation for competitions and preparation for boosting grades)
- For highschoolers (preparation for enlisting in colleges, preparations for passing math tests and exams and for boosting grades.
- For students (preparation for passing assessment tests and mathematics, physics, electro-technology and programming tests)

We can proudly present the results we have achieved in our first two years of work: our students have taken 25 awards in state competitions in math, physics, informatics and the basics of electro technology, 5 awards in Serbian and 3 in international olympics in math and informatics. Over 190 students prepared and enlisted in Electro-technology college, organizational sciences college, Mathematics, Machine, Traffic, Economics, Construction and other universities. Over 35 of our students prepared with us and enlisted in Mathematics high school in Belgrade and many of them achieved maximum results in the listed exams.

899 students have passed through our center in only two years and over 45 lecturers have held lessons in mathematics, physics, informatics, basics of electro technology, chemistry, history, geography, biology, Serbian and English language. We worked with ages 4-54. We taught our youngest students to write letters and numbers and we helped the older ones prepare for graduation, entrance exams to high schools and colleges. We prepared students for assessment tests and exams and we have also Skyped with students in Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam and London.

We are currently helping 100 students prepare for enlisting to ETF, FON, Mathematics, Construction and other colleges. We started with chemistry preparations for enlisting in the Medical and Pharmacy colleges. In addition over 20 students are preparing to enlist in Mathematics high school. We have very strong student groups preparing for mathematics, physics and programming. Our students prepare for assessment tests in mathematics, basics of electro technology, physics and programming in large numbers.

Come and join us. Advance your knowledge and make a step forward.


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