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Address: 49 Orfelinova st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/355-1319, 063/1010-455

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A big competition is in progress in salon of massage "the power of touch." If you want to easily win a free massage visit our FB group, become our member and you will receive regular information on all our actions. Take a break from the hectic lifestyle, and treat yourself and your loved ones to a specially selected number of treatments from our content. Massages "The power of touch" were planned by the experienced and professional therapists and represent a natural way on the path to skin rejuvenation and body contouring, reduced stress, improve immunity, reduce weight and by increasing life energy. In a pleasant atmosphere, friendly and professional staff will do everything so that you wanted to spend every free moment with us. About Us: After careful study and practice of Eastern and Western traditions, methods and techniques of massage created a unique, high quality and effective program of treatment of the body "the power of touch." Respecting the achievements of modern science and technology of modern civilization as well as theoretical and especially practical methodology that occurred during many millenia of mankind we've achieved the synthesis, harmonization and reciprocity between the achievements of modern and ancient heritage of mankind. The specific techniques of locating and treating disturbed the harmony of human beings. Our treatments harmonize the human body, spirit and soul and encourage self-healing. At the same time still trying to adapt to the individuality and needs of each client. MASSAGE RATES: In the salon, "the power of touch," you can enjoy the whole series of specially designed massage, each of which is different and offers unique pleasure that you can enjoy. For more information visit our website Relaxation Massage time of 50 min. price 1600 din Head massage and reflexology zone time of 40 min. price 1200 din Reflexology time of 90 min. price 2700 din Relaxation Massage "The power of touch" time of 70 min. price 1900 din. Anticelulit with packaging time of 60 min. price 1500 din Antistress massage time 70 min price 2000 din Anti-stress facial treatment time of 35 min. price 1500 din Massage "The power of touch" time of 120 min. price 3000 din Massage for pregnant women time of 75 min. price 1900 din special oriental massage time of 75 min. price 2700 din Sports massage time of 60 min. price 2200 din Partial massage time of 40 min. price 1200 din massage with hot chocolate time of 100 min. price 3000 din MASSAGE PACKAGE: With the desire to provide our customers with a complete relaxation of body and spirit we have designed special packages masaza.Za more information see the website Cosmopolitan time of 150 min price 3900 din Antistress package manager time of 150 min. price 4000 din Special Moments time of 150 min. price 6000 din Detox Spa Package "The power of touch" time of 150 min. price 3700 din Body & Soul time of 160 min. price 4500 din Contact: Address: 49 Orfelinova, Belgrade mobile: 064/9120-990 e-mail: url: Fbook: The power of touch health and beauty salon - link to group