Bulevar vojvode Mišića 24, Savski venac
72 Kneza Viseslava st., Kosutnjak
Tennis club Privilege is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, on the rim of Kosutnjak. We have 3 open clay tennis courts, two of which are covered during winter ...
2b Zelengorska st., Zemun
Gem 8 tennis club and Sport-8 football club.
37m Vinogradska st., Novi Beograd
Sports and recreation club SPIN was founded in 2009.Located in New Belgrade with the hard surface courts at the beautiful greenery environment is a real little oasis.In addition to ...
5 Radoja Markovica st. (streat under school Vuk Karadzic), S ...
We invite you to the beautiful setting of the stone terrace and quality of the field, with a view of the green belt protected reserve, spend leisure time in rest and recreation.Thi ...
113a Visnjička st., Visnjicka banja
155 Blagoja Parovica st., Kosutnjak
Our club has 4 courts with clay surface. Terms can be scheduled via phone on: 063/432-220, or personally at our offices from 8AM - 9PM Visit us on Facebook ...
82 Ljeska st., Banovo brdo
Deligradska nn, Sportsko Selo, Savski venac
TENNIS CLUB VICTORIA organized for you in a pleasant environment athlete's village at affordable prices: - Tennis Tournament - Sports events - Birthday parties - Promotions Contact ...
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