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Thai cuisine, Indonesia cuisine Belgrade
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Unusual Asian flavors in Belgrade concrete hall

One of the most beautiful location for relaxation and fun in Belgrade has been enriched with a new exclusive restaurant Far Eastern cuisine - Sakura.
This contemporary restaurant with a sophisticated touch of the Far East has combined superior flavors of Asian cuisine and magnificent views of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

"This exceptional location is really appealing to the concept of what we imagine and believe me we inspired by the flavors of the Far East shortly rich and famous atmosphere typical of this part of Belgrade. Sakura will rely on a familiar Eastern traditions of cooking, but thanks to our excellent chefs led by Roy Villalobos, each dish to be innovative, and we hope and enchanting for all those who love this cuisine. We expect that this remarkable restaurant offer a unique contribution to the city soon to become one of the iconic and recognizable places in Belgrade.

The restaurant is named after the Japanese word for cherry-blossom, and base the menu will be traditional dishes from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, but interpreted in a thoroughly modern way. Sakura will offer dishes such as sushi, carpaccio "Saint Jacques" fresh meat with granite from the Japanese lime, soya sauce and fish eggs, salmon, sea bass "usuzukuri" and the black-cod cod from the Sea of Japan.

Hedonistic challenge is a wide variety of beverages that includes glamorous cocktail ticket cellar with over 1500 wines from around the world from which many of our guests will be able to consume the cup. This offer will complete your journey to the Far East bank of the river, in the heart of Belgrade. All fans of top flavors are welcome seven days a week, and staff will be dedicated to providing one of the best mood when it comes to partying in the city center.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy the sounds of various musical genres known artists DJ Belgrade.

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