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The Academy Club 28 is located in the city center, on the street corner and Nemanja thinker and philosopher. The club was formed 1991 as a multifunctional space that offers guests a wide range of services. We offer almost all foreign and domestic drinks at very reasonable prices, especially with more than forty kinds of cocktails. In its product range and we have food and the menu includes pizza, hot sandwiches, sweet and savory pancakes, cold salads, fruit cups ...

The space is air conditioned and pleasant environment contributes slightly light, and the most famous paintings of jazz musicians that adorn the walls of our club. To our guests we provide free access to wireless internet connection, a special benefit for students and business people. Sports fans can follow the most important sports events on a large video beam.

The Academy Club 28 is a gallery of the Academy to 28 regular settings, which change every two weeks, so visitors with food and drink can enjoy pictures of our famous artists. What makes the Club Academy 28 definitely has become known for is a rich music program to the standard terms and in terms reserved for special performances. Winter is prime time, in terms of gigs, which take place almost every night.

Music program is dominated by jazz and evergreen, and often can be heard and swing, blues and Latin rhythms. In order to provide its guests top notch entertainment, we try to choose artists and bands who have the best health and wellness. It's safe to say that there is no name that means something to the local jazz scene, not to play in our club.