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Address: 10d/106 Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/311-0159, 063/773-0054

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An authorized translator for Croation into Serbian and a certified court interpreter and court translator for the Croatian language from Zrenjanin - Translation from Serbian to Croatian, a certified translation into Croatian. We translate from Serbian to Croatian and Croatian to Serbian. Translation of documents certified by a court interpreter and certified translator. We offer representation in obtaining documents such as birth certificates and other identity documents in the Republic of Serbia and Croatia, with the Apostille services (international certification). Our services are available in Zrenjanin, Belgrade, Subotica and Nis, and by e-mail all over the world ... Services:
** Translations certified court interpreter for Croatian language certified by the Croatian and from Croatian to Serbian language (both sides)
** Translations of personal or corporate documents, public documents and other documents (identity cards, passports, birth certificates, certificates, extracts from commercial registers, registers of the competent courts, agencies, documents in economy, documents for the implementation of pension - disability insurance derived from the land registry, cadastre, tender documents, other legal documents, decisions of administrative organs, judicial judgments, contracts, etc.).
** Administrative and technical services with advocacy in obtaining birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, citizens in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and Serbia, with the Apostille services (international certification),
** Typing services and certifying copies of documents or copies of documents in the Republic of Serbia ** Other services on request of the client (the estate, payment of real estate rights, rights in the pension and disability insurance in Croatia and Serbia, damages from traffic accidents, etc.). Belgrade Mihailo Pupin Boulevard 10D/106 011/311-0159 063/773-0054 Zrenjanin Zeljko M. Jagrović, Court interpreter for Croatian 063/773-0054 Subotica 063/773-0054 Nis 063/773-0054 E-mail: