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Golden pet veterinarian ambulance takes good care of the health of many pets in Belgrade. In addition to dogs, cats, small animals and birds, we also specialize in exotic animals.

Thanks to the fact that we use the latest equipment and the expertise of our staff we have gained the trust of many pet owners in a very short time. In our pleasant and modernly equipped ambiance you will be greeted by our team of experienced veterinarians who always aim to provide the best possible services and apply an individual approach to every pet.

Golden pet veterinarian ambulance in Palilula offers the following services:

- Vaccination
- Diagnostics (ultrasound, cardiology and laboratory)
- Therapy
- Dentistry
- Surgery and orthopedics
- Stationary treatment

By using various diagnostic methods, high quality equipment and the skills of our professional staff, as well as by applying a modern approach to pet care and treatment, we at Golden pet vet meet even the highest standards in our field. Kindness, dedication and responsibility of our staff will make your pet's visit to our ambulance a pleasant experience.

Correct and timely diagnosis is the most important step when it comes to preventing and stopping various diseases. In order for your pet to be healthy, we offer complete diagnostics (ultrasound, cardiology and laboratory) with the use of latest equipment which provides an insight to your pet's health.

Pet shop Golden pet vet

As true animal lovers, we try to make sure pet owners can find all that they need to feed and care for ther friends.

We offer food and equipment for:

More specifically we offer the following equipment:
- Cages, feeders, fish tanks, water pumps, transporters, bags, rucksacks, collars, leashes, baskets, food and water dishes, brushes, combs, trimmers, shampoo, conditioner, toys, stretchers, mats, scratching posts, climbers, litter, toilets, litter shovels.

By paying close attention to wich kind of food the pets need in order to grow and be happy we have prepared a diverse range of products from the most renown global manufacturers. Affordable prices for the highest quality food for dogs, cats, birds, fish and rodents will allow you to keep a healthy and happy pet.

We represent the following brands:


Golden pet vet dog grooming

Our dog grooming and care salon offers you the complete treatment for your pet and also offers a diverse range of products that will keep your pets healthy and groomed.

Our Golden vet dog grooming salon offers the following services:
- Dog grooming
- Dog bathing, grooming and drying
- Grooming and styling for dog shows
- Ear cleaning
- Nail trimming
- Anti-shedding treatment
- Hair unmatting
- Anti-parasite treatment
- Veterinarian advice.

In our salon's pleasant ambiance we offer complete treatments for your pet. We use only the best cosmetics from the world's leading manufacturers as well as a hand-made palette of excellent quality and suitable for yur pet's skin and hair type. We select the cosmetics that will give the best results for your dog's health and beauty.

Or kind and professional staff will make sure that grooming is a pleasant experience without stress or fear. All the treatment we offer are done under the supervision of a professional veterinarian.

Reservations are mandatory at our dog grooming salon.

Contact info:
Name: Golden pet vet
Address: 7b Mirijevski boulevard
Mobile phone: 065/ 335 45 46

Working hours:
Mon-Sat: 9AM - 9PM
Sun: 9AM - 3PM


















































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