Veterinary clinics, veterinarians Belgrade

Address: 23 Maksima Gorkog st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/244-89-38, 065/228-84-45, 063/25-33-43

4/ 5stars VETERINARY Veterinary Clinic provides quality veterinary services in several areas: - prevention - Diagnosis - Conservative and radical solution to the problem. We are dealing with the prevention and treatment, counseling on housing conditions, diet and reproduction of rodents, birds and reptiles. Preventive and therapeutic counseling. Diagnostics laboratory, ECG, ultrasound, x-ray, empiricism. Curative surgery and various forms of conservative sollutions. Eutanasia while respecting the dignity of animals and only when medically justified. Mandatory and optional vaccination with the application of micro chips as a means of permanent marking. The reproductive health care to solve complicated and partusnih physiological conditions, contraception, artificial miscarriages, hormonal imbalances. Problems of behavior and adaptations, home visits and emergencies.