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The emergence of the mini warehouse and a line of business related to it  which we used to be able to see only on foreign (American) television programs, has come to life in our country as well. It is a self-storage service, where the space for storing things is rented to tenants who can be legal entities or individuals.

Toro Box was created as our response to the growing needs of citizens, entrepreneurs and companies for adequate warehouse space that meets the individual needs of tenants. When it comes to citizens, it is noticeable that there is a strong need for a place to store spare or furniture that is not currently used, and has real value that makes it worth keeping. The "surplus of things" often occurs during inheritance, divorce, and especially the relocation of people. Rented storage space then comes as a salvation and an optimal solution to the new problem.

Of course, apart from furniture, Toro Box storage units can be used to store anything else: additional tools, machines, equipment, purchased bulky goods and materials… anything not currently in use, that must be placed in a space where it will be safe from outside influence and unauthorized access by other people.

Renting a Toro Box mini warehouse solves the issue of additional space, eliminating the need to adapt your house / yard, and if you live (or work) in an apartment, the situation is even more clearly in favor of this kind of rent.

Our mini warehouses are located within a facility that is fully secured by 24-hour physical security, with technical protection, video surveillance and an alarm system within the complex. Each individual warehouse has a special alarm system, and is locked with a code known only to the tenant - the user and an authorized security guard.

Warehouses are of different sizes, and we will be happy to evaluate and suggest a mini warehouse that corresponds to the amount of your items you want to store.

Mini warehouses come in different sizes:

4 m2

7.5 m2

15 m2

Each of them is rented for a period of at least a month, and the maximum time  not limited.

Mini warehouses for individuals are the optimal solution for people who have nowhere to store furniture they do not use, or things that take up too much space at their home. For legal entities that do not have enough space in their companies to store the necessary equipment, machines, goods or other things, we offer mini warehouses for their convenience.

Mini warehouses are also a good choice for storing motor vehicles that you do not use: motorcycles, scooters, electric scooters and others.

The advantages of our warehouses have been especially recognized by those who are engaged in online trade and who do not keep in stock the goods they sell. In the event where it is not a classic type of store and where the internet trader does not have their own warehouse space in the store (and often not even the store itself), storing goods in the right way and in appropriate conditions is a particularly sensitive business segment.

The main advantage of our mini warehouses is the complete security of your belongings and the adequate storage conditions we offer. All mini warehouses protect what is in them from all weather conditions - from rain, moisture, sun or snow.

In the Toro Box you can store almost everything you have in your basement, house, apartment, business space:

-Furniture and furnishings

-Machines and tools


-Equipment and materials

-Motorcycles, motorcycles, scooters, scooters


-Bulky and bulk-bought toys

-Any other items you have that you do not want at any given time in your personal space can be stored with us.

Rented space is available to our clients at any time: in the period from 8AM to 4PM they can come without prior notice, while after 4 pm they can access their mini warehouse after calling ahead to let our security know they are coming.

Put all the things you don't need at the moment in a safe and secure place in the mini warehouses of Toro Box and solve the problem of storing valuable and useful things that you have nowhere to keep.

For more information, feel free to call us.

Price list of mini warehouses:

- small box: 4m2 - 70eur + VAT

- middle box: 7.5m2 - 120eur + VAT

- large box: 15m2 - 180eur + VAT

Air-conditioned box storage prices:

small: 4m2 - 140eur + VAT

medium: 7.5m2 - 190eur + VAT

large: 15m2 - 250eur + VAT