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Yoga classes, Yoga exercises Belgrade
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Jelena Mićanović

1. How and at what moment did you come up with the idea to start your own business?
I came up with the idea when I saw tremendous progress in myself, from being a dysfunctional woman to having a pain-free body.

2. Have you always wanted to be involved in your current line of work?
It was a necessity.

3. What are you proud of in your business?
I am proud of dedication.

4. What is the secret of your success? (List three qualities, behaviors, beliefs, or abilities)
Not insisting and respecting individuality.

5. How understanding has your environment been, and who has been your biggest support?
My greatest support has been my sister, and of course, my husband had to take over responsibilities for the children.

6. What is your guiding motto?
Just take it slowly.

7. Do you have role models that have motivated or continue to motivate you in your work?
Yes, I do.

8. What has driven you forward, and how did you motivate yourself during tough times?
Through additional work and effort.

9. Why is it better for a woman to be an entrepreneur rather than be employed in a company?
I like being responsible and guaranteeing only for myself and in my name.

10. How would you advise new female entrepreneurs or a younger version of yourself?
I would say that all difficulties are part of the development process, they're not setbacks but knots in the net that we'll weave until the end.

11. On a scale from 1-10, how challenging is it to be a female entrepreneur in Serbia?
It's easy when enough self-confidence is gained.

12. Where exactly do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself outside the city.

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“To me yoga is synonymous with a life with no pain and the ability to no longer worry about my body. Somehow, everything turns out alright” - says Jelena Micanovic, yoga instructor who will welcome you if you decide to visit Ananta Yoga studio in Vracar. 

Jelena didn’t start doing yoga because it was trending, but because she had no other choice left.

14 years ago she started off because of back pain and was an exerciser who would skip ⅔ lessons. But with time and effort, she became a certified instructor at Vidya Yoga School run by Dragan Loncar. 

She has been teaching group and individual yoga lessons for 6 years now. 

Ananta Yoga studio is located in a peaceful part of Vracar. The hall is tucked away in a quiet yard in Sumatovacka street, shielded from view and the city noise. There, you are sure to find your safe space both as a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner. 

The groups can include up to 10 participants and Jelena will give each of them as much individual attention as they need to advance on their own. 

The lessons are coordinated with the group so that everyone can advance at their own pace. Previous experience, flexibility or strength are not required. You can join us just as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. 

The benefits of yoga are now well known, but let’s remind ourselves of them anyway: they reduce and prevent the consequences of stress, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce pain, increase the body’s flexibility and mobility. On a psychological and emotional level, you will feel relaxed, satisfied, more focused, concentrated and have a sense of inner peace, wellbeing and balance. 

It sounds like a fioscula but yoga does offer all those benefits, regardless of whether you take lessons from us or somewhere else. 


30 Djordja Vajferta st., Vracar
Monday-Thursday: 09:00-10:15h
Monday: 18:30-20:00h
Thursday: 19:00-20:30h

10 Siva stena st., Vracar
Tuesday: 18:00-19:30h
Thursday: 17:00-18:30h

  • Morning terms are especially good for mothers who can take an hour for themselves between going to school/kindergarten and proceeding with other obligations during their day