Address: 13 Dunavska st, Dorcol
Phone: 011/2620-046, 2625-435, 2628-441, 2636-950, (fax) 2631-530
E-mail: print@centarboban.com
Website: www.centarboban.com
CENTAR BOBAN Auto shops Belgrade

Center Boban is a unique car center with, we can freely say, the most complete service offer on Balkan.
Our services: - gas station - liquid petrol - car wash - technical exam - car mechanics - car electrics - installing of liquid petrol devices - trap alignment - vulcanizing - sale of new car tires - dynojet engine brake for testing engine force on the wheel - Automania shop - retail sale of additional and tuning equipment
NEW: In beginning of March 2006, Centar Boban starts with the sale and servicing of CHEVROLET vehicles, as a authorized seller and service. Our sales salon is located within our company, Visit us!
Our commercial program and representations: - CHEVROLET passenger program - FORMENTA AB, Sweden - polyester poles - SPARCO, Italy - equipment for car, moto and carting sport - OMNICOMPETITION, Italy - braking disks - RIAL, Germany - aluminum wheel rings - DUNLOP motorsport, Great Britain - racing tires - JR FILTERS, France - high flow air filters - MARINI, Italy - liquid petrol devices