Address: 113 - IV/8 Boulevard Dr Zorana DJindjica (ex boulevard Avnoja), Novi Beograd
Phone: 011/311-18-64
E-mail: office@kolber.rs
Website: www.knjigovodstvo-kolber.rs
KOLBER INVEST Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

KOLBER INVEST is: - a company founded in 1992, - registered for the activity of giving bookkeeping services and consulting, - fulfills the terms necessary for bookkeeping and development of accountancy reports for other companies, base on article 6 of the Accountancy law, - the work is done by expert staff with the expert bookkeeper and bookkeeper with high or middle level of education title - the business work process is covered with informational technology (network of computers and printers) - business software that includes complete financial business conduction and provides the functioning of internal bookkeeping control systems and is in accordance to the bookkeeping standards and the Accountancy law - possibility of correspondence in English, as well as forming bookkeeping reports (income sheet statement, financial statement etc) Our guarantee are: 1. a expert and authorized team, 2. professionalism, 3. long term experience, 4. computer data and documentation processing, 5. daily updating, 6. monitoring and consulting regarding legal changes, 7. internet communication.