Delivery Belgrade

Address: 69 Vojvode Stepe st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 060/012-1212, 060/012-1712

4/ 5stars

Who and what are we?

We are a real little 'factory' of good food, unique for perserving tradition of old Serbian savory and sweet specialties prepared using the tested recipes of our mothers and grandmothers.

And that's not all!

Everything is prepared in the most modern dishes that makes the entire process healthy and delicious.

If you haven't had breakfast
Why would you have breakfest anywhere else other than the place that has the best fried eggs, sunny side up!

And don't get us started on our omelette V12 and Spanish omelette!

How about cornbread, sweet and savory rolls, delicious sandwiches in home-baked flatbread or freshly baked rolls?

And of course there are our delicious freshly prepared crepes since the pan is always hot and the filling is just to your taste!

Lunch is ready!

In the spirit of gone by times which some thing were much better than today, you can enjoy delicious meals with many old-timey specialties, wholesome meals such as baked cabbage, cabbage and ribs, smoked pettitoes, goulash, beans, baked beans, moussaka and much more.

Just for your 'hungry' eyes!

For all lovers of barbecue, our barbecue masters will dleight you and take away your breath with large and small gourmet and stuffed patties, cevaps, with hot fritters, grilled veggies and salads to die for.

Counting calories?

Our delicious salads will burn them away!

See for yourself, try our vitamin salads, V12 salads, Greek, Russian, beef, mimosa and don't forget our soups and stews because what's a good lunch without something you eat with a spoon?

Only at V12

Nowhere except at our place can you be served such delicious and perfectly grilled HORSE-BURGER!!!

If you prefer breaded foods, come and try our unique breaded cheese, our Weiner Schnitzel, Karadjordje steak, Paris schnitzel or Argentinian cevap - the favorite challenges for our chefs.

We haven't forgotten the army of Italian cuisine lovers who adore exotic and fragnant spices that taste of the sea.

We offer:
Assorted fish and pasta with the finest Mediterranean sauces and our five kinds of...


baked in chamote stoves!

Sweet, right?

How can I say no? It's so fatty.
That's true, but it feels so good.
I ask again - sweet, right?
Well when it rains it might as well pour...crepes, tiramisu...
And tomorrow we can fast with fruit salad and rice pudding.

See our full menu HERE

You only live once.

But you live a lot better with V12.

And so that you aren't thirsty with all these sweet and savory delicacies, you can order any of our delicious beverages and of course the inevitable tap LAV and BUDWEISER beers!