Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 33/35 Druge srpske armije st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/266-9864, 063/577-585

4.5/ 5stars

“Magic Book” German and English language school is a new and modern teaching institution for children and adults. We are located in Stepa Sepanovic municipality at 33 Druge srpske armije street, apartment 35 on the fifth floor.

Our goal is to continuous improve our teaching methods with appropriate adjustments as per the needs of our students.

We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere that is most conductive for our students to learn a language as we believe that the pre-requisite for optimal learning is to feel comfortable and happy.

The rooms in our school are designed with creative learning in mind and feature bright colours and modern furniture.

From our vast experience in teaching children, we know how important the right learning environment is for them, and this is why we have made the children's playroom a place where they feel safe and comfortable ready to learn new things. The playroom is equipped with all the teaching tools needed to learn a new language including board games, floor puzzles and educational props.

The children will not feel confined or limited, but rather they will feel the benefit of a friendly and relaxed environment. The safety of the children is our key priority, with detailed attention put into all aspects when equipping the school.

Our teachers are young adults with experience in working with children and are ready to adjust to their needs individually.  They are always ready to answer student questions in full and to relieve any doubts they may have.  

We share a common goal which is to help you communicate in the foreign language.

How do we teach?

Learning a language is most efficient when using the language itself. Guided by that idea, we have set up our lessons so that the entire communication is done in the language you wish to learn.

We follow modern and innovative learning methods and each lesson has clearly defined goals and purpose, ask questions and answer them as well all in the foreign language….you may even find yourself in the role of the teacher in our role plays!

Additional learning materials are included with each course and you will also have access to the latest foreign magazines and books from our expat friends.  All you need to do is come along, select a course that suits your needs and we will work together to determine your entry-level which best suits your learning curve.

The introduction classes

The introduction classes were designed to give you or your child a glimpse in the teaching methods of our school.  These lessons will let you find out about our school, meet our teachers, see our learning systems and hear about many of the success stories.  The introduction room also lets you see what our playrooms look like, as this is the place where your child will be spending the majority of their time learning a new language.

The introduction room also lets your child gain their important first impression of the school and language, meet the teachers, make some news friends and have some fun enjoying the experience.  The introduction class lasts for 30mins and is free of charge, with both parents and family welcome to join as you wish (restricted to two adults).

Tea at 5

“Tea at 5” is a course that will let you communicate and interact with a native english speaker over a cup of tea. If you want to practice your language skills with a native speaker, but have not had this opportunity yet, you can do this whilst discussing current news, music, films or other such general topics.


Magic book German and English language school for adults and children, Vozdovac.