Address: Kraljice Marije 16
Phone: 011/3302-497, 3370-339
Fax: 011/3370-364, 3370-365

Director of Inovation center Prof.dr Aleksandar Sedmak phone: 3302-497 Producer of Inovation center Prof.dr Vojkan Lucanin phone. 3370-339 fax. 3370-364 Innovative center of Machine faculty in Belgrade is built in jun 2006 and represents organization on original and systemic way making own organization and process own and other modern technological produces, because of using that and inovation it. Main practice of Inovative center is purpose of science, technical and technological innovations, making and realizing better and new products, processes and services, like starter of development Republic of Serbia. On modern requests, top of personnel, provided proper space, equipment, internet communication, labaratory and other necessaries for program and realization of projects. In this moment, Inovation center has Center for quality, Regional center for energetic efficiency, Net for energetic efficiency, Center for factitious, Center for transfer of technology and 11 laboratories. Constant flow makes further teams success and making of new equipment, offer success in laboratory centers, what is possibility for all kind of cooperation, making new possibilities for cooperation, and success in national develop and programs of international cooperation. Realization of planning researches may organize direct flow to knowledge on quick flow of own sectors of economic, creating market attractive produce high level of finalizations, innovations and making high level of quality and compete on domestic trade and service in international market, like flow infrastructure systems in Serbia. Business of Innovation Center Machine Faculty d.o.o. in first year of business can mark like successful in realization projects of Municipally of science, and economic cooperation. Key advantage of innovative center is very successful stuff structure which has 7 doctor of science and 18 students on doctor’ s studies,. money influence like basic resources use for adding equipment, especially for students of doctorial studies (introducing, student’s traveling etc.) Innovation center on original and systemic way makes its own and in small piece scientic results of other objects innovative occupation. Modern technological procces work on making inovation, new products, process and services. Make transfer of knowledge and technology in produce and service of other economic subjects.