Address: 36 Ratnih vojnih invalida st., Borca
Phone: 064/2796-431
FOKUS MOVINGS Moving Belgrade

Movers "Focus" is a relatively new compan in Belgrade but it comprises of people who've been in the business for a long line of years. It was precisely that wealth of experience that created the need for us to start our own business and use what we've learned working for others and rectify any mistakes we find along the way. Our biggest resource is our team of workers. Through a years-long selection we've reached a large number of expert workers but knowing our job is not our only advantage. Cultured behavious, neatness and politeness leave a good impression on all our clients. Our vehicles are clean and fully equipped to move, with carpets on the floors as well as cardboard and blankets to protect the furniture during transportation. We are fully equipped with all the neccessary tools and we have yet to come across a problem we couldn't overcome. In addition to moving from one home to the other which is the larges part of our activity, we also move businesses from one location to another and this can sometimes take 5 - 6 or even more trips. The safety of your possessions is our priority. If you are concerned about your things we offer a guarantee against all damages in the form of a contract. Hoping for a good cooperation, your "FOCUS" moving agency.