Optics Belgrade

Address: 24 Paunova st., store 31, Banjica // 32 Zaplanjska st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3671-983, 3674-781 // 011/3671-983

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The basic unit of Clinics "Profylens" the TPC "Banjica" has existed since 1993. (under this name since 1994.)

The main activity of our company is making prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. As the lenses are concerned, we are proud that we are the first Serbian importers of high quality soft contact lenses from the UK.

Our shop has specialized in particular:

- Spectacle frames renowned producers (Ray Ban, Silhouette, Vogue, Paciotti, R.Balestra ... a wide range of cheaper brands)

- All types of prescription and protective lenses for eyeglasses, Essilor, Hoya, Paul ...

- Contact lenses, soft, semi-hard-GP and hard lenses of the manufacturer, Ciba Vision, Baush & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Boston ...

- The original branded sunglasses Ray Ban, Vogue, Fendi, Ferre, Paciotti, Rolling, R.Balestra, Polaroid ....

- Other goods and means of maintaining

Our concept of work is that our offer covers all the needs of local people in the field of optics, and "word of mouth" recommendations has made no small number of satisfied customers return to us from various parts of the city, satisfied both with quality and best prices possible.

Many years of experience, state of the art computerized machines from the world's leading home Essilor as well as full confidence from the world's best manufacturers of eyeglass lenses (Essilor and Hoya) recommends us to create the most complicated and glasses.

It is our specialty is also the development of progressive multifocal-glasses. The sophisticated technology in the production of this type of eyeglass lenses requires such an approach when it comes to choosing the right product for you in a wide range of high-quality progressive and installation thereof.

Multifocal lenses are not cheap, and before you decide to take that step that will greatly facilitate your everyday life, check the following:

First does the house you have chosen have enough experience in sales and installation of progressive
Second Do they have the latest generation of machines that allow almost no possibility of error
Third Is the optician technician trained and experienced enough
4th Prices of these products is extremely varied depending on the design, ask for an explanation of what you are buying and at what price.
At the same address is our specialty ophthalmology practice "Pro Lens" which was founded by Dr. Mihaljina Popovic, and still strive to fulfill its high professional criteria in ophthalmology as well as compared with the patients.

In the office we offer:
- Computer dioptric and prescription eyewear
- Determining and prescribing lenses for all types of vocational training and handling the same
- Review of the anterior and posterior segment eye
- Measurement of intraocular pressure, the most reliable method of Applanation Tonometry
- Examine intraocular
- Screening of children with the expansion of pupil