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Phone: 011/347-1225, 060/413-2025 // 011/347-8971// 060/313-2014
AUTO HOUSE NOVAKOVIC Ownership Transfer, car registration Belgrade

Car dealer NOVAKOVIĆ in cooperation with the Agency for vehicle registration KVAZAR for eight years gives confidence to their services and have a quality relationship with their clients of. In order to service that follows up with the times on a technical review of AK Novakovic is possible to extend the registration of your vehicle for 10-15 min without going to the police.

Business with GSP, MI, RTS, SUD, PUC, EDB, the Army are just some of the state-owned companies, which in our register their vehicles at the cheapest city with the most appropriate opportunities (conditions) of repayment.

Placed on high-speed lines, our inspection has the most modern equipment, which allows high-quality and accurate view of the brake system.

If the quality measure of money then I belong to one of them, but we are sure cheaper than others.