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Phone: 022/323-800, 022/321-876
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SR  NIKSAN Packing Belgrade

Mp "NIKSAN" was established in 1984 and has a tradition of over 20 years in the packaging of extruded PE films.

The standard product range and products that are made at the request of customers with their variety and high quality cover many needs of our customers in industry, agriculture, commerce and households.

Our products are in accordance with health standards. The yearly medical control of our products is done by the Department of Public Health-Sremska Mitrovica.

For our customers it is important to close the entire circuit of production in the field of packaging of extruded PE films, starting from the first step to obtain the PE film of LDPE and HDPE granules, foil printing and cutting all kinds of bags and sacks.

This allows us to achieve a high level of quality, accuracy and speed of delivery.