Address: 347b Vojvode Stepe st., Vozdovac
Phone: 011/2466-871, 062/8203-991
MALA RUSKA APOTEKA Pharmacies Belgrade

"Mala Ruska" pharmacies

We are located in Belgrade in Vozdovac together with the well-known practice for hyperbaric and underwater medicine - HBO Medical Center, with which it cooperates closely. We are open in order that preparations are already well known - supplements from Russia make available to people in our country. Preparations are products of the Russian factory''DIODE''which produces preparations in cooperation with the greatest scientists in the field of natural and military medicine and military doctors. Among them are the specialists of the Institute aviation and cosmic medicine, the Medical Radiological Scientific Center, Military Medical Academy''SM Kirov''General Hospital''clinical N.N. Burdenko''and VI of the Central Military Clinical Hospital. At our pharmacy, though you can buy medicines, you can consult with doctors in practice who will be happy to answer all questions and remove any ambiguity and to facilitate the selection of products. With an invitation to visit us, Warmly welcome you. Small Russian Pharmacy PRODUCTS - Artrite Active - Capillary - Rekicen RD - Gipokrat - eye specialist - Viard - Gipofamin - Calcium-ac - Iodine - Selenium - Nutrilans COUNSELING If you have questions or you just interested in some facts about our products or relating to public health, please contact us by phone: - 011 24 66 871 or 063 82 03 991 or via e-mail: mala.ruska @