Physical medicine Belgrade

Address: 36 Macvanska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 060/7271-071

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Physical therapy in the comfort of your home

We perform electro therapy at your home. Our expert physical therapist performs these services for any who have difficulty moving, who have had surgeries of the hip, knee or other movement impairing procedure. We assist in the full recovery process after injury, fractures, surgery, neuralgias.

Our patients receive electro therapy, exercises or kinetic therapy, massage or anything else needed for recovery just like in hospital conditions.

As far as physical medicine goes our office is fully equipped in hospital standard. Our physical therapist can provide the full services including all kinds of massages – partial, therapeutic, sports, relax, anti-cellulite and kinetic.


Physical and soul is a medical office working in applying physical therapy, medicinal rehabilitation, massages and therapy aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the face and body through the latest generation tools.

We offer thorough examination by a specialist physical therapist and orthopedic doctor as well as a high level of expertise and experience. Therapies are done in a pleasant ambiance in the center of the city at 36 Macvanska street.

All sessions must be scheduled so that every patient can receive the optimal service and avoid waiting.

Field work:
We can also perform therapy at the patients’ homes in case they have problems travelling or moving.
- Electro therapy
- Exercises
- Complete recovery!!

Ultrasound cavitation with electro stimulation
- Radiowave face lifting
- Radiowave face lifting with hyaluron
- Radiowave body lifting

Mesotherapy permanently removes localized fat tissue, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, scars, blemishes… fleka...

1. Lipolysis
2. Anti-cellulite
3. Lipolysis and cellulite package
4. Anti-cellulite mesotherapy I
5. Dherma rollers and cocktails with a needle
6. mesotherapeutic treatment for hair loss
7. Mesolifting

- Full body relax massage
- Partial massage:
(lumbago, headaches, cervical syndrome)
- Anti-cellulite

Complete rehabilitation following fractures, injuries, surgeries, neuralgias


36 Macvanska street, Vracar, Belgrade