Restaurants Belgrade

Address: Vuka Karadzica 12 st
Belgrade Phone: 011/2629-761, 328-43-70, 2621-227(fax)

4/ 5stars

We present you national restaurant VUK in Belgrade, on one of the prettiest location in Belgrade. Even located in heart of the city, it is isolated from city jostling and it can be proud with its garden.
In our offer are Serbian specialites prepared in traditional way. We offer big choice of homemade sweets.
Vuk has served many foreign and domestic guests and they will remeber always moment they have spent in this peacefull and a bit idilic ambient. Enjoy in Serbian specialties, barbeque dishes and many other.
With right we can say that restaurant Vuk is one of shiniest precious stones in gourmand Belgrade offer. Working hours from 10-24 each day except Sunday.