Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 65a Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/3557-559, 3541-124

4/ 5stars

Introducing national and international restaurant VUK 2 in Belgrade.

Restaurant Vuk 2 is located in one of the busier streets in Belgrade, and yet surrounded by woods from all sides. You can always escape from the city bustle.

In our offer you can find Serbian specialties that are prepared in the traditional way as well as specialties of Italian cuisine.

We also offer a large selection of homemade desserts, and in addition you can find baked pastries and pancakes a al vineyards and the chateau.

Enjoy domestic and international specialties with a long tradition.

We are only 6 minutes away from the Arena, as well as minutes from the residential part of Belgrade, Dedinje.