Agricultural machines Belgrade

Address: 13a Cvijiceva st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/712-9463, 712-9458, (fax) 712-9387
E-mail: kondortm@mts.rs
Website: www.kondorbgd.co.rs

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The main activity of our company Kondor I is producing spare parts for:
1. Agricultural machinery
2. Agregate plants

Over 20 years of successful business of our company Kondor I ltd. is proof of our quality and experience when it comes to product placement and production in the area of agricultural machinery spare parts. Thanks to our spatial capacities which include production buildings and a hall we are able to utilize original machinery, tools and other equipment, all licensed with valid technological and technical documentation with legal transfer of production rights given to us by the KRON brand.

Thanks to our experienced and professional staff from AD KRON we have the fullest confidence that our company will continue with its ongoing 30 years of tradition when it comes to exceptional quality and product placement as well as installment (IMT, IMR) with our diverse assortment of original parts in both domestic and foreign markets.
Our staff, facilities and equipment come directly from AD KRON which enables our company Kondor I to very successfully place new products and guide existing solutions.
We are located on the right side of Belgrade-Zagreb highway in the industrial zone Belgrade, about 2km away from the Student city and 6km away from Surcin airport.