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Is agency dealing with intervene in turnover of goods and services between producers and consumers. We provide this service in Belgrade, Serbia as well as in 100 countries. Agency goal is to provide products confirmed world quality at most convenient prices. Doctors-coworkers are giving free doctors consultations. Agency can deliver you our products. We offer job or part time job for people already working, students, pensioners in over 100 countries and we can help you to go on international training and seminars. From our production program we set aside:
Several kinds of fresh squeezed juice from ALOE VERA - Aloe Vera contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 16 enzymes, 18 amino-acids, as well as lignin, saponin, plant sterols, tumor necrosis factor... - Aloe Vera is one of the best natural immune- bio stimulus - It is the best organism de toxin and reduce allergy sensitivity - One can take it preventive for keeping immunity - Once opened keep in refrigerator, Preventive took 0.5 dl daily before meal, when sick took 1.5 dl or more
GINKGO + schizandra, foti, reishi - Ginkgo significance improve micro circulation in periphery part of our body, specially in brain and for all these it is big help to elders, businessmen and students - Ginkgo improve good mood and reduce tension
LYCIUM + LIKORIS - Lycium is one of the strongest natural anti oxidation - Improves body de toxin, reduce inflammations, strongly eliminates free radicals, regenerate tissue, makes your body strongly, clean blood vessels, reduce aging process - Combine with Aloe it is recommended in chemotherapy
Young wheat, Lucerne and barley in dust -Recommended for ones who lacks in green on the table -Combine with Aloe can help with disturbance in organism especially for diabetes
Garlic -Garlic is a natural antibiotic -Prevents many infections -Combine with Aloe recommended for arrhythmia and high blood pressure
Omega 3+ omega 9 -Those law fat acids are separated from fish oils of North Sea and olive oil -There are great protection and preventive for cardiovascular diseases -Prevent making of stratum in blood vessels and clean them -Reduce fat and triglyceride -Recommended for nervous system weaknesses (nervous people, tense ones and those with frequent stress situations)
Multivitamins made of fruit and vegetables -Excellent combination of vitamins and minerals gained naturally from phytonutritiens subcutaneous parts of fruit and vegetables -Recommended for children above 2 and satisfy daily needs for vitamins and minerals (adults can use it too)
Gin seng + golden chia -Golden chia from the west and gin seng from the east, united to make miracle of modern age, bringing back our body what daily stresses takes vitamin A, E + selenium - Use against stress -Significance helps in elimination of free radicals and other harmful material from organism -Satisfy daily needs of modern man for these elements
Minerals from bottom of the sea -Natural minerals from sea plants and animals in helatic shape!!!! Vitamin B12 + folic acid -Helps metabolic processes including cells division, synthesis DNA, production of red blood cells and normal functioning of nervous system Honey program -Beebread gives energy and affects improving metabolism -Propolis - extremely useful for immune system -Pollen-energetic bomb that refresh and gives strength Remedies for skin care contains more then dozen healing herbs Decorative cosmetics of top quality