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Balans Medika, the first holistic medicine center in Serbia

Alternative medicine, just like traditional medicine has treated health as a basic human need for over a thousand years. Balans Medika supports and accepts the tested and verified methods of alternative medicine.

Our main goal is to find the source of the problems and symptoms through every aspect of the patient’s personality:
Emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical. This type of holistic approach sets us apart from others and yields excellent results.

Acupuncture is the ancient method for a healthy and long life.

Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion at Balans Medika is performed by Tomoko Tanuma, born in Tokio.

A therapist with immense knowledge, dedication and persistence, Tomoko Tanuma treats numerous public figures such as musicians, talk show hosts, journalists – all extremely satisfied with her work and results.

It helps with stress, anxiety, bowel problems, irritable colon, gastritis, impotence, sterility…

Atlas, the most important neck vertebra weighs only 15gr and supports the head which usually weighs between 5-7kg. Atlas can contribute to various problems and symptoms such as dizzyness, headache, migraines, insomnia, bad posture, muscle tension in neck and shoulders, drop in concentration, bad mood…

Prim. r. Dragan Vulovic, a specialist in physical medicine sais “Atlas is the smallest, tiniest, lightest and most important neck vertebra. Atlas should be corrected even if it is only slightly moved from its natural position. I use an excellent method that has helped a large number of people.”


Deals in diagnosis and therapy of spine and joint diseases. Chiropractics is the most pain-free, safest and efficient method of treating back pains, sciatica, back stiffness, shoulder, hip or pelvis pains. Chiropractics offers excellent chances for success and recovery of the joints, tendons and ligaments as well as reducing the effects of sports injuries.

Adjusting the stomach is a pain-free, manual technique of adjusting the stomach in cases of hiatus hernia and elevated or lowered stomach. Symptoms indicative of these problems include heartburn, belching, chest pains, shaking, weakness, lack of air after eating, lack of energy, rapid heart rate, lack of air.

This method provides excellent and tested results.

Quantum medicine is the medicine of the 21st century and the future.

Swift, painless, reliable, comfortable, non-invasive examination of the entire organism without harmful radiation. The changes in one’s electromagnetic field are registered by the quantum apparatus before they are manifested physically in conditions such diabetes, heart-attack, heart muscle weakness, stroke, thyroid gland disorders, changes in the spine and joins.

Foot deformities and bunions, low-arching feet and disrupted balance are problems that affect both children and adults.

Bunions are not only a matter of aesthetics but also a health hazard. They can be treated surgically or non-surgically. At Balans Medika we have been treating them non-surgically for over 8 years. Thousands of satisfied clients and success stories are proof that it is possible to dispose of this problem in time. Balans Medika is the first center in Serbia that deals with this problem non-surgically.

Professional orientation, the right choice when it comes to school, college and occupation. It is recommended to people who would like to know their ideal kind of work or to confirm the choices they’ve already made. Professional orientation is advised for all those whose abilities are not fully developed and who wish to hear a professional’s opinion. 


BALANS MEDIKA Alternative medicine Beograd
BALANS MEDIKA Alternative medicine Beograd
BALANS MEDIKA Alternative medicine Beograd