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Center for Bach drops and aromatherapy

Bach floral drops

In the twenties of the previous century, Dr. Edward Bach (Edward Bach,Wells,U.K.) realized that the floral products can heal physical problems by curing negative emotions and negative moods. He studied and catalogued 38 floral products. These products eliminate the most common emotional troubles of people and therefore the physical consequences of these troubles.

Bach drops cover a variety of personality traits and negative / positive emotional states.
These are some examples of problems (children and adults) which can be applied drops of Bach:

For those who hide their deep inner pain behind a smiling face and always cheerful attitude, for those who find it difficult or impossible tolerate diversity, other people's flaws, incompetence, convinced that their way - the only way.
For quiet, withdrawn, insecure, fearful, selfish, possessive, absent spirit, dreamers, impulsive ... hyperactive, hasty, the squeamish, overly preoccupied with purity, detail, rituals.
Those who can not tolerate the risk, demanding guarantees and where only "on safe", those who are uncomfortable with themselves and / or their appearance.
Those who are prone to repeat mistakes, unable to draw lessons from previous bad experiences, socially and / or emotionally immature ...
For those who have lost confidence and those who have never had.
For the impatient, irritable people, for those who go too far, they are always in a hurry and rush the other.
For fear of failure, feelings of inferiority, the exhausted men, to gain mental and physical fitness.
For people who are haunted by feelings of guilt, remorse, those who care too much for the family and other people.
For always negative and uncertain, for those with extremely variable behavior.
For people who suffer from persistent, proganjajućih thoughts, loss of hope for a change for the better.
Apathy, resignation, illness grief ... when it can not be overcome grief.
Jealousy, envy, hatred, malice, bitterness and guidance for those who have lost the meaning of life.
Helplessness, a tendency to perfection. Loss of self-control. Uncontrolled anger .....
Loneliness, depression, anxiety (anxiety), fear, despair, remorse.

Bach drops are commonly used for:

• psychosomatic illness psychosomatic illness-all sources, such as psoriasis, can use a longer drop to thinning symptoms and their intensity
• Insomnia - help drop since becoming aware of fatigue and rest, then a deep and refreshing. It is important that you first must find the cause of insomnia to be able to do the right combination of drops
• Allergies - skin is the mirror of internal disorder and floral drops reduce skin rash, itching eyes, irritable cough
• Recovery from surgery - the drops after surgery greatly reduces personal experience symptoms that are the result of anesthesia

Reasons why you should use drops of Bach:

There are no side effects, can be used by babies and pregnant women, the very old or illness exhausted as other people.
No side effects, no addiction.
The application does not preclude the use of drops of other types of drugs.
The product can not be overdosed
Bach flower remedies can be used preventively in order to prevent the occurrence of diseases. For example. Rescue Remedy can be used when we are under great stress and thus neutralize the harmful effects on the body, use Oak (Oak) would be completely broke and fell into bed, and the like.
Also, these preparatio can be used therapeutically, when a disease has already manifested independently or in combination with other treatment modalities. Then the combination of medicines commonly given to cover all aspects of the disease.
These preparations can be used in the rehabilitation process. This will complete the process of healing and recovery from illness to be faster and more efficient. For example. If a person is completely exhausted from the illness, whether physical or mental, can take olive (Olive), or if the person is slow and difficult recovery from the disease, but there is no strength nor the will to do so, it can take paint brushes (centaury) and the like.
Effective for removing emotional and physical suffering.


Aromatherapy, (Greek aroma - fragrance, therapia - healing, literally means the treatment of smell), is an ancient method of treatment based on the use of essential oils and plant. Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to balance and improve the health of body, mind and spirit.

In our center apply to the following types of massage:

Aromatherapy Relax Massage - 60 min - with 100% pure essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, immortelle), has positive effects on the elimination of toxins and relax mišića.Dobra relax massage will help you relax every muscle, to forget about all the stresses , responsibilities and let your body rest and regenerate.

Anti-cellulite treatment - 40 min - that combines massage and essential oils intended for the treatment of cellulite. The goal of massage is to stimulate circulation, lymph, and improve the excretion of excess water and toxins from the highest quality tela.Koriste Oshadhi essential oils: rosemary, juniper, cypress, cedar, òîáû, lemon ...

Mediterranean aromatic massage - 60 min - complete with classic massage with essential oils of Mediterranean herbs: lavender, rosemary, mandarin orange, immortelle, bay leaves, juniper ...

Essential oils are dissolved in vegetable oils: olive, sesame, St. John's wort. The goal of this treatment is pain relief, skin care and relaxation.

Lifting facial and décolleté massage - 30 min - essential and vegetable oils are chosen according to the skin type of the client, with slow movements performed face, neck and chest. The treatment ends with a soothing massage glave.Cilj this treatment is totally natural face, tightening skin fresh and radiant, and deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy lifting massage relieves stress and trauma closed deep in the muscle tissue of the face, head and neck. Treatment works on color and tightening skin and muscles under the skin, improving skin elasticity and gipkost.Aromaterapeutska lifting facial massage treats the surface of the face as well as deep tissue massage face with gentle movements of hands and fingers. For each treatment is selected special blend of aromatherapy oils, depending on the characteristics of the skin in order to look younger.

Therapeutic back massage - 30 min - base oils are cold pressed and essential oils are exclusively Oshadhi and used sandalwood, patchouli, palmarosa, marjoram and cedar. When a combination of knowledge, knowledge of medicinal plants and the human body, the result is an incredibly comfortable therapy. Back massage will help relieve muscle smashing accumulated lactic acid, relieve your stress and toxins, stimulate circulation and flow of oxygen and food to the body, calm the inflammation and refresh the skin.

Why should not you use our services:

Because it is an individual approach to each client and his comfort in the first place
Because they work in our Centre trained therapists, aromatherapists and Bach practitioners
We use 100% natural essential oils and herbal, best known manufacturers Oshadhi
Compounded oils are preparing for you, you are depending on your wants and needs.

In all formulations are 100% natural ingredients, made from the finest essential oils and plant Oshadhi, which are very similar to the ingredients of skin and she's very well integrated into its structure. Aromakozmetike most important foundation is individual approach to skin care, for example. two people with the same skin type need not have the same difficulties.

Aromina line is 100% natural cosmetics! This is the line that is expanded and refined for years in cooperation with the best specialists in the field of aromatherapy. We use only certified and tested herbal and essential oil (Pranarom, Oshadhi ...) and make preparations for each client personally. We look forward to each of your criticism, suggestions and praise.

We can do for you:

Face creams and salves for all kinds of problems (dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, eczema and allergies)

Serums for wrinkles and skin tightening, ANTIRID, cream with drops of Bach - Rescue Remedy

Body milk (with the addition of essential oils, coconut, chocolate, vanilla)

Tonics, lotions, anti-cellulite creams and oils, creams for stretch marks, body butter (chocolate, vanilla, orange, coconut, mango)

Hit product: chocolate chips for massage and body care.

Packaging and hair serums, exfoliating cubes (lavender, vanilla, orange, coconut, chocolate)

And super product: 100% natural deodorant stick made of cocoa butter, shea butter, essential oils of orange, tea tree, the white pine. This combination of essential oils stick to nourish your skin at the same time the most sensitive part of the act against the sweating skin, inflammation, prevention of infections and fungi, throughout the dana.Po desire can make different fragrances (lavender, bergamot, vanilla)

No harmful cosmetic additives, no parabens.