Alternative medicine Belgrade

Address: 43 Terazije st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3340-999, 063/117-97-47

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General practice and traditional medicine Healthcare Consulting was founded by Dr. Konstantinos Bourelakis in 2011 in Belgrade with the aim to, in addoton to  the usual medical services offered to all also offer general advice regarding healthy living and nutrition. We believe that the duty of a physician is not only to treat people when they are sick, but also to be available for consultation on all matters in any way related to health (to fit a healthy diet in a life filled with responsibilities, how to reduce stress and tension which we are daily exposed primarily to preserve their health, rather than repair it once it's been compromised). Our patients, we provide a comfortable atmosphere without the usual stress that accompanies a visit to the doctor, as well as expert advice on health, nutrition and achieving a balance in life. Our main goal is to combine the energy, health, mood and beauty, so that we can provide a better quality of life.

From the services that we offer we highlight in particular:

Quantum analysis of the body - a simple and painless procedure to determine the complete shape of the body. After analyzing and following consultation, patients receive a meal plan, which is designed in accordance with their needs, health status, habits and tastes.

Microwave resonance therapy (MRT) is a painless method based contemporary who used modern appliances without the use of needles, with stronger effects. In this way, we eliminate the fear of needles and offer patient friendly treatment, ideal for those who have so far avoided the traditional acupuncture. Under this treatment, our patients are particularly pleased with the results of treatment of the body toning, anti-stress treatments, and treatments for the regulation of body weight, sinus problems and a faster recovery.

Address: Terazije 43 (mezzanine), Belgrade
Phone: 011 3340 999, 063 117 97 47