Antique shops Belgrade

Address: 2 Nikole Spasica st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2624-561, 063/2161-61

4/ 5stars

In the city center, in the pedestrian zone, there is a gallery-antique shops Environment, one of the famous and important places in Belgrade, which are well worth a visit. Here you can find a great gift for both yourself and for your beloved. If you need to outfit the interior, then you turn to the right and the best place in town for it.

In this magical atmosphere that is at once both modern and looks as if time has stopped, you can meet and greet travelers from around the world and speak different languages. All these people who keep coming back ambience, as well as many new ones that keep coming are people of taste, art lovers whose motto is "ART OF LIFE" (Art of living).

Here you'll find articles on art with which your life will be more beautiful and joyful, here you will be able to get advice on how to manage your space to make it a part of you, here you will be surrounded by beauty and joy because this is a place where every thing has his story and background, radiating beauty that persists and linking time and space, land and people.