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Address: 15b Mihaila Avramovica st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/405-7739, 063/369-177

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DOMINANTE Company Ltd. After years of experience, more precisely since 2005, has been a reliable partner and an investor working in design, construction of residential and commercial buildings in the Belgrade area, intended market.

After more than ten years of successful operations, with notable projects many significant project designs, residential and commercial buildings, through participation in international exhibitions, to housing investments at the prestigious locations, DOMINANTE today is a modern investment - holding company (BDC ), which operates its activities in several corporate branches of the global market.

In our work we combine the following activities:

- Production of major projects, investment - technical documentation necessary for the construction of new or renovated buildings
- Obtaining building permits, certificate of acceptance of technical documentation, approvals communal houses, occupancy permit
- Registration of constructed facilities in the Land Register, the legalization
- Construction of residential and commercial buildings
- Supervision, engineering and consulting development feasibility study in the construction of buildings
- Contracting and site preparation for construction, solving property relations
- Investing in the undeveloped locations,
- Branding and development of new products,
- Creating Web Sites

Our main goal from the beginning until now is that it is characterized by high quality, reliability in meeting commitments and complete legal certainty, which is realized by our team of experienced lawyers, architects, construction, electrical and mechanical engineers, economists, surveyors, geologists .

Selected References of designed Residential building
-Family House Jajinci, Belgrade - 2005
-Family Holiday village Misa, Pančevo - 2005
-Reconstruction And extension of family houses, Pirot - 2005
-INVESTMENTS - Building Savski venac, Beograd, - 2005 - 2010
-INVESTMENTS - Upgrade Savski Venac, Beograd - 2006 - 2007
-APARTMENT Object Vozdovac, Belgrade - 2007
-APARTMENT HOUSE Mirijevo, Beograd - 2008
-Reconstruction And extension of family houses Vozdovac, Belgrade - 2010
-APARTMENT HOUSE Lekino Brdo, Beograd - 2010
-APARTMENT HOUSE Zvezdarska Forest, Belgrade - 2012
-APARTMENT HOUSE Novi Beograd, Beograd - 2013
-Family House Senjak, Belgrade - 2014
-Family House Mali Mokri Lug, Belgrade - 2015
-Family House Sremčica - 2015
- Investment - Residential Vračar, Beograd - 2016

Selected References of designed business building
- Commercial property Preliminary Design, Faculty of International Law and Management, Belgrade - 2004

- Internet cafe, Faculty of International Law and Management, the main project - 2004
- Commercial property Mali Mokri Lug, Belgrade - 2004
- Commercial property Bijeljina - 2005
- Bakery Novi Beograd - 2005
- Vinrija Janko, the project was made in cooperation with Prof. Faculty of Architecture Mr.Miloradom Mladenovic, 2012
- The first Serbian museum Plums, Osečina, the project was made in cooperation with the Faculty Prof.Arhitektonskog Mr.Miloradom Mladenovic, 2015

Selected References of designed Enterijera

- Private house village Medaković, Belgrade - 2005
- Private house Kosjerić - 2005
- Wedding dress boutique Batajnica -2005
- Internet cafe Danijelova - 2005
- Investment - Commercial Savski Venac, Beogad - 2010
- Investment -5 private dwellings Savski Venac, Beogad - 2011-2012
- Investment - Update Savski Venac, Beogad - 2013
- Commercial Mirijevo, Beograd - 2014