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Architects, designing Belgrade

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Useful information

The company "PreS ARHING" was established in December 2006, long-term experience in the field of design and engineering.

The Bureau develops all types of projects, coordinating and obtaining building permits.

We offer services of design, engineering and project development, technical documentation needed for the preparation and construction of residential and business type.

We produce conceptual design, preliminary design, major projects, implementation design, constructed buildings, and interior design projects.

Our office produces technical documentation required for legalization, as well as technical documentation for temporary facilities gardens, kiosks, refrigerators and neon signs.

Organize and control the development of technical documentation, as well as expert consultations on executing them.

Within the firm, licensed architects working responsible for all phases of the project with years of experience.

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We have several years of experience and a large number of references:

1. Residential and business building

- Upgrade of the facility Centrotekstil Knez Mihailova street-change project
- Renovation of the second floor of the Institute for neonatology, Kralja Milana street
- Upgrade the facility lita Institute of Neonatology, Kralja Milana street
- Housing and business Complex in Crnotravska street, Dedinje
- Residential building in Deligradska Street
- Residential building in Bore Prodanovica street
- Residential building in Veselin Maslese
- Residential building in the street Kajmakcalanska
- Residential building in the street Gajeva
- Residential building in the street Dubljanska
- Residential building at Stanislav Sremcevic
- Residential building in Generala Anrija street
- Residential building in
Mehmedpasina street
- Residential building in Kulina Bana street
- Residential building in Gvozdiceva street
- Residential building in Ohridska street
- Apartment building on Kosmaj


- Family facility with a swimming pool on bežanija
- Family object of Kosmaj
- Family facility with a swimming pool in Podgorica
- Family facility with a swimming pool in Sopot
- Family facility in Dedinje


- Adaptation of the cafes in the Knez Mihailo 47 and 51
- Private residence in Licka street
- Lebanese restaurant in the street Bajronovoj
- Office space in Autokomanda
- Interior design for kids baby shops in Delta
- Interior design for offices BPM in Mercator, Uscu
- Interior design for May 1 store in Marsala Tolbuhina
- Store interior design "Djak" in Novi Sad


- Family structure in Bežanijska Kosa
- Family facility with a swimming pool in Sopot
- Residential object in Bore Prodanovica street


PRES ARHING DOO Architects, designing Beograd