(2 King Milan street)

This is one of the oldest buildings in this part of the city with the construction which was started back around in 1870. The first architect was Alexander Bulgarian but it is not known exactly how the building originally looked like.
The building was built by Dimitrije Mita Golubovic, who was a merchant. First, it served as the seat of the Russian embassy, then home for orphans and then from 1878 as the headquarters of the Ministry of Education. As the ministry grew, it became necessary to expand which in 1912 began towards Sava slope. Branko Tanazević and Dragutin Inkiostri adapted the building and made it luxurious. It is interesting that the two were otherwise great rivals in understanding the national style, but on this project they had to leave the opposition aside and work together. The building was declared a cultural monument in 1966.

Foto: Milena Arsenić