The bridge in Ada is a railway and road bridge connecting New Belgrade and Cukarica. The bridge was constructed with the intention of forming a whole with the inner marginal half-ring in Belgrade, connecting New Belgrade and Zvezdara.
The first urban sketch of the bridge was designed by the architect Djordje Kovaljevski in 1923, but the actual construction contract for the first idea project wasn’t signed until 2005.

Foto: Nikolina Radovanović

Today this bridge connects Topcider with the residential blocks in New Belgrade. The only bridge pylon is located in the northern point of Ada Ciganlija. The bridge leads across the shipyard offshoot and ends in the Jurij Gagarin street.
The bridge got its name from a public survey which lasted for two days in August 2011, when the bridge was opened to pedestrians for the first time. Around 13 thousand citizens were surveyed and the largest number of them – around 3.350 – suggested “Bridge in Ada”, while other popular suggestions included “the Harp”, the “Patriarch Paul bridge”, the “Zoran Djindjic bridge”, “Fan”, “Giraffe”, “Andric’s bridge” and others. The winning name was chosen, even though linguists argued it is grammatically incorrect and should actually be “the bridge across Ada”.