The sundial home is a representative corner residentally-commercial one story building that was built in 1823 and then extended towards Dubrovacka street in 1908/ The building is a duplex, built in brick. The ceiling joists are part vaulted and part of the architrave. The purpose of the house is twofold – in the ground floor there are stores and upstairs are the apartments. Shallow, reduced plastic of the main facade is designed in the spirit of Ampir, making it one of the most harmonious among civil houses the old city center. The corner bay window highlights a representative position of the house at the crossroads. The sundial on the facade facing the street of Dubrovnik has special rarity value and it’s the house’s namesake and trademark feature. In this house once lived and died Dr Jovan Subotic, lawyer, politician and writer, one of the most popular public figures of the nineteenth century. The house is still active and serves the purposes for which it was designed. The first floor has apartments which are in use and in the ground floor of the premises there are banks and shops.

Foto: 011info