The home of the Serbian Orthodox Parish Zemun is filed as a monument of culture and cultural heritage of great importance to Belgrade. It is located at 22 Saint Sava Street in Zemun. It was built in 1909 year to serve as a home and school Serbian Orthodox parish plans by architect Kosta Atanackovica – Stanisic.

The building has a basement, ground floor and first floor. It was designed in the spirit of neo-Romanticism with jagged facade. Particularly stylish richly ornamented final wreath buildings. Building a complex content, primarily designed as a home parish elementary school, but there are also commercial establishments and residences. The special composition of the slanted angle and accented final wreath featured a reception room at the corner of St. Sava and Bezanijska and streets. It is one of the largest buildings of its time in the old part of Zemun, one of the few works of architect Atanackovića and testimony developed tradition of Zemun elementary education.

Foto: 011info