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Gas service Autocentar RAŠIĆ was established in 2000 and since its start has been dealing with gas devices installation. In the beginning we decided to cooperate with the Italian company LOVATO Electric, considering their best on the market condition. During the first two years of cooperation, the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is converted nearly 1700 cars, which resulted in the given AUTOCENTAR RAŠIĆ from 01.01.2003. becomes the first service in Serbia, officially authorized by LOVATO Electric Company.

In 2003 the success continues and already on 20.03.2003 the Association of Journalists' Forum of automotive auto assigns RAŠIĆ the Oscar prestige award as the service to install the gas devices.
In 2003 the above is the record for most embedded devices and is 987 converted vehicles.

The next year (2004) is a milestone in the development of LOVATO Electric Company, and thus auto RAŠIĆ. The market appears the most modern devices for sequential gas injection LOVATO FAST, so thanks to him AUTOCENTAR RAŠIĆ signed a contract with the majority of new cars, so that they remained in the factory warranty, after installation. Installation of autogas and sequential (sekvent) system is becoming the standard for all newly produced cars.

Year 2005 we celebrate the new success, because during the year converted to gas about 850 vehicles, of which as many as 97 with Demi Lovato FAST system, sequential gas injection system. In mid-September the installation ceremony was celebrated in 4000-you car.

Next in 2006 the collaboration extends to another, and in many of thinking, and the largest Italian house production unit autogasnih, LANDIRENZO. During the year we converted to gas over 900 cars. AC Rasic thus becoming one of the leading car gas service in the region, and the installation of autogas indicates drivers from most of the surrounding countries.

During 2007 we offer in another Italian manufacturer, which is Tomasetti. Extremely good price and high quality of their equipment, which led to it being one of the best selling models. Installation Tomasetti sequential car gas systems is becoming a standard fitting for all fuel-injected engines.

Year 2008 is specific in thatwe are in first place by the number of built-in auto gas system, sequential gas injection devices. During the year we converted to gas about 700 vehicles, of which 364 systems with sequential vehicles.

The most successful years in our business, service is definitely 2009. Over 85% of embedded system consists of sequential machines. Number of converted cars with devices for sequential gas injection was 527 vehicles, with a total average of about 2 cars per day.

It is equipped with the latest equipment in the field of autogas, and diagnostic workstation
STARGAS 898th Thanks to the enormous potential that this device has, we are able to detect and remove all defects that your vehicle is in any electronic circuit.

If you have a problem with contaminated gasoline or gas injectors,
AC Service in Rasic have and apparatus for cleaning injectors, and for all our customers, we have provided a special discount on this service.

AUTOCENTAR RAŠIĆ currently employs four rider's expert staff, who are trained in LOVATO, LANDIRENZO (land) or TOMASETTO training centers instaletera gas equipment. All employees are masters of the existence of the first day of service and that's another thing we're very proud of and for which our users prices!


AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd
AUTO CENTAR RAŠIĆ Auto gas Beograd