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Top Eco Service Ltd. for many years has been building auto-gas systems of high quality. Installing systems of new generation in our service new vehicles are still within the warranty period. Certified systems built into the Eco Top-to meet all standards of modern powertrains and as such are characterized by economy, cleaner and more pleasant ride. LPG is available at most petrol stations in Serbia until you installing autogasnog system will reduce your costs.
A real investment in times of crisis is mounting autosnog system in your vehicle. Installation in our service new vehicle warranty reserve. Why build autogas system? - ECONOMY Using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as your primary fuel itself provides high savings in the long run. LPG is available at most gas stations across Serbia, and its low price will surely allow a longer and cheaper driving.
- CP Liquefied gas is non-toxic, odorless and heavier than air. Its combustion are emitted into the atmosphere significantly lower levels of toxic substances as follows: 60% less carbon monoxide, 50% less hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide than gasoline. - QUALITY LPG in your engine burns clean, does not create layers in the interior and does not react with motor oil, thus extending the life of your vehicle. Its flammable limit is very low, and puts it in range of safe fuel. All land and Landirenzo parts that we use are of excellent quality with high reliability, which guarantee for 3 years. Auto-gas systems installed in all types DACIA, RENAULT, SKODA, Hyundai, Opel and Chevrolet vehicles.
The system for converting vehicles to propane-butane consists of: - Gas Tanks - tank fittings with valves - Connection and security mechanisms - Indicators of charge on the tank - Metal lines of high pressure - Low pressure rubber lines - Gas filter - Command-control device Command switch and the device between the driver and the system is located in the cabin. Power supply carburetor engine gas mixtures consisting of gear / evaporator, gas and petrol solenoid and command line switches. It works Verturijevog pressure. Selection and change of fuel is the driver.