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Address: 10 Cara Dusana st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2910-813

4.5/ 5stars

Bakery Lazarevic is located in Cara Dusana street at number 10, Stari Grad, Belgrade, in the oldest building in the town, which was built in 1727 and which is under state protection as a cultural monument. We started many years ago and with commitment and everyday work we have created a recognizable name in our region.

Thanks to the diversity of our range of products, which were met with positive reviews of our fellow citizens, we took the leading position among bakeries in Belgrade. Family tradition, experience and knowledge, as well as a selection of old proven recipes contributed to the fact that our products are recognized and well accepted among customers.

We are pleased the fact that our fellow citizens on a daily basis we prepare only the best products from our bakery traditions, and traditions of other nations around the world.

We encourage you to try our products:

From the savory program:

- Cocktail drink,
- Cocktail Cakes
- pirogue
- Sandwiches,
- Bagel, bagels
- Burek and pies
- pizza
- homemade bread

The fresh program includes:

- Choco cocktail
- Cookies
- KROSAN cream
- Croissant jam

We strive to retain all the nutritional value of our food, in order to primarily enable you to eat healthy. We emphasize that our biscuits contain no additives, dyes and other harmful additives that can damage your health.

Although we produce a wide selection of foods, bread is the one who has the greatest cultural, religious, traditional and symbolic significance. We want to smell and taste of our bread resembles the family hearth and the ancient times when the grandmother and mother hand-kneaded and baked.

Top quality at the best prices. Bakery Lazarević Beograd.