Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 8 Majke Jevrosime st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/324-5610, 064/9078-101

4.5/ 5stars

At cafe bar Azra you can enjoy great espresso Julios meinl which our waiters will prepare per reqest.

With good morning coffee we also offer various promotions:

- Espresso + Lemonade - 170rsd
- Espresso + CocaCola - 180rsd
- Espresso + Cedevita - 150rsd

Of course, in addition to coffee we also have a selection of great beer, of which we'd like to highlight the true Czech beer KOZEL which we pour dark or light.

Of course in addition to Kozel there is also Plzen, Budweiser and many other domestic and international beers.

Come and let's enjoy ourselves together!