Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 53 Kralja Milutina st., Slavija
Belgrade Phone: 064/492-0371

4.5/ 5stars

Vanilica cafe is the sweetest place you'll ever visit. This charming little place gives you the sweetest flavors of nighttime partying that can compare to vanilla Turkish delights, the kind that only old Bambogian masters can make.

Vanilica cafe is the cafe of the future, the interior is warm vanilla chocolate lined with perfect lighting that will awaken the best in you. Everything is great here, this space is the place where wildest dreams came true and so can all your ideas of what a cafe should be. We can seat up to 80 guests and then delight them with pop music from 8PM to 1AM!

Our prices are your best friend. With a carefully selected menu you can enjoy memories and the smell of childhood that has been disguised into a futuristic filter of urban spirits because the Vanillica cafe is just that. Our service that tickles your sense is different than anything else.

Vanilica cafe is the charm of the present in the sea of choices, the sweetest bite that you can lose yourself in that will win you over just like a good old evergreen hit. The Vanilica cafe is your obsessive need to be the sweetest and most loved to somebody, the incredible feeling of unity brings us all together here, one and only because nobody could ever top Vanilica. Just for you we nurture the best mood in the world.