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Bathrooms, bathrooms equipment, ceramics Belgrade

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  • Bus: 38, 20, 50, Ada 3, E5
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Our shop for bath tub repair and cleaning "Kada majstor" is the right choice when you need an expert to correct the damage or return a yellowed tub to its former glory.

Over years of use tubs naturally lose its clean and new look due to the abrasive effects of many cleaning agents.

"Kada Majstor" offers affordable and high-quality services related to maintaining your bath tub, whether it comes to repairs, removing rust, removing yellowing or any related services, such as:

- Protection around the tub
- Fixing holes and damage
- Enameling
- Laminating
- Repair
- Anti-corrosion protection

Most often our clients seek help in the removal of and protection from tartar, mold, fungus, grease and general problems that occur despite regular maintenance and are difficult to remove.

The best protection against these damages is to leave a protective joints around the tub.

In this process we use special import material that protects walls of a moistening I could not black or moldy.

Laminating tubs is a process of application of a special two-component coating composition based on epoxy resin, which makes the maintenance and cleaning much shorter and easier.

Plasticizing process takes only two to three hours, you can use a bath after 24 hours.

Protection against corrosion is also one of the services we offer, as well as repairs of damaged or ruptured tubs.

Call us and see the quality of our services.


KADA MAJSTOR Bathrooms, bathrooms equipment, ceramics Beograd
KADA MAJSTOR Bathrooms, bathrooms equipment, ceramics Beograd
KADA MAJSTOR Bathrooms, bathrooms equipment, ceramics Beograd