Batteries Belgrade

Address: 6g Prvomajska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/4121-563, 064/2422-204, 064/9133-397

4.5/ 5stars

Battery shop Glam is located in the Zemun municipality at 6G Prvomajska street and offers PC and mobile phone servicing in one location. In addition to that Battery Shop Glam sells complete equipment for your mobile phones, PCs and laptops.

At the most affordable prices Battery shop Glam sells all kinds of batteries for watches, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, hearing aides, alarms, button batteries, lithium batteries, chargeable batteries and batteries for landline phones.

We offer complete PC-related equipment: keyboards, mouses, joypads, sound systems, headphones, microphones, memory cards, USB flash memory sticks, universal laptop chargers...
All our customers receive a full guarantee on all our services and products. We also refill cartridges and toners.
Get it all in one place: mobile phone earphones, cases, chargers, covers and protective foil.
We sell universal remote controls for ACs, TVs, DVDs and satellite receivers.
Battery shop Glam also does mobile phone repairs.
We repair small and large malfunctions in mobile phones, broken touch panels, damaged connectors, replacements of keypads or screens. Your device will be repaired swiftly and with quality. Battery shop Glam also services all kinds of laptops and PCs. We offer account-based payment options with benefits for large numbers of services devices.
All in one place – Battery shop Glam
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