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INTERNATIONAL DERMAVITA exclusive distributor of premium French professional cosmetics GUINOT Paris Institute for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be pleased to represent Guinot beauty and anti-aging center DERMAVITA who is also a reference Guinot salon but 11godina for our area. Guinot Institut Paris and DERMAVITA are synonymous with comfort, harmony, satisfaction and quality of care in the field of professional face and body.
GUINOT treatments and medications are available:
- All women, regardless of age and skin type
- All the men they care is becoming an integral part of everyday life
- Modern, sophisticated people who do not allow the everyday stress leave their mark on the face and body
- People who expect service and high quality products

The environment in which we live, the food we consume daily stress and inevitably leave a mark on our face and body. Experts Guinot cosmetics company is already 35 years old, to create and offer new methods and treatments that will restore your skin its youthful appearance and freshness. Special emphasis of treatment is complete relaxation, which is achieved by a special massage techniques in a friendly atmosphere with pleasant music. Treatments are exactly the same and standardized in Paris, London, Belgrade.
The most important part of professional care as individual consultations conducted in DERMAVITA Valentina Petrusic. According to the objectives, status, medical history and a thorough examination of the skin to determine the methods, professional treatments and prolonged nursing home that meets the client's needs and desires for beauty.
Smooth, shiny tan without aesthetic shortcomings has always been synonymous with good looks. In fact, very few people are born with flawless skin, and even fewer who are completely satisfied with their appearance. However, regardless of whether we have the perfect tan or not, every skin requires proper care and protection.

Essential Treatment for Skin Care is HIDRADERMIJA that allows in-depth treatment, deep hydration and intake of individual active ingredients. The results are now visible and lasting which is discussed in the leading position of this treatment for more than 40godina. The latest innovation Hidradermije double ionization treatment is even more comfortable and extended durability of the results.

With age and fatigue, facial contours become rougher, less defined and appear to be the first signs of aging. Until now, lifting treatments acted only on the structure of the skin, the epidermis reconstructed network and consolidated dermis. Today, an exclusive Guinot treatment Hidradermija LIFT is a revolution in rejuvenation, stimulating facial muscles to improve tone and visible lifting effect already after the first treatment. Hidradermija LIFT tightens the skin and deeply strengthens muscles, improves their tone, reactivates cellular activity and rejuvenates the face spectacularly.

Treatment is recommended in a series of 3-12 treatments depending on the condition of the facial skin, and below the recommended home care that allows preservation of the results.

To look younger, less wrinkles and remove dark circles in eye zone area we recommend gentle and effective solution Hidradermija LIFT EYE ZONE.

This treatment drains the excess fluid, acting on orbikularne muscles, increases their tone, apply dark circles, remove fine lines, lifts eyelids and eyes open and give a younger look.

Guinot Institut Paris and DERMAVITA antiaging center are primarily specialize in removing wrinkles, improve tone and youthful looking skin.

A slender figure, tight body and tight leather thigh ..... it's what we all dream about!

Every woman, regardless of whether it is super thin or plump, knows that treating cellulite challenge. Now with TechniSPA revolutionary technology, it is possible to achieve effective results! After intensive research, Guinot has created this device that performs three simultaneous actions for local slimming and remove cellulite in one go. Handle apparatus is designed to reproduce the movements of manual massage therapists, but with greater precision and efficiency in remodeling curves. The first and main action is vacuum aspiration, which allows subdermalnu massage that mechanically crushed and eliminate cellulite. The second action is jonoforezu where active anti-cellulite ingredients enter more deeply into the skin and biological dissolve cellulite. The third action is to stimulate the forming rollers which stimulate muscle contraction that helps drain toxins and fatty deposits, tightens the tissue and helps supply oxygen to tissues, giving taut and toned appearance. Treatments are done in a series of 10-12, 3 times a week and takes off to 2-5 inches per set, maintenance once in 15 - 30 days.

Hyaluronic Fillers
Hyaluronan is a natural ingredient of our skin, but over time, reducing the amount of hyaluronan, and thus the tone and jedrost skin decreases. Rejuvenation in this way does not affect the character and individuality sespecifičnost not lost, but the whole face became young.

Discovered by a French doctor Michel Pistora in 1952, Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely spread both in Europe and in other parts of the world to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic indications and in a completely natural way. This method using mikroinekcija intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other natural ingredients that stimulate your skin to naturally fight, regeneration, tightens and refreshes. A small amount of the substance is injected directly into the mesoderm, which is the real goal for the effects of these substances.

Mesotherapy is very useful for the treatment of cosmetic indications, including regeneration, rehabilitation and lifting the skin, hair growth, removing celulilita and local slimming .. Mesotherapy is used as an anti-aging treatment 3-4 times in the span of a few weeks necessary maintenance once every 2-3 months. Treatments are painless because it is applied and a local anesthetic cream and the results are visible after the first treatment.

Lipolysis is mezoterapijska new procedures for local reduction of fat and cellulite by entering small amounts of substances called "fat topljača" directly into the fatty tissue where it accelerates combustion and thus the elimination of fat and downsizing. Areas that are successfully treated the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and double chin and hands.

The procedure is short and painless with light effects to achieve whether dieting centimeters fall. If you want to lose weight generally the treated areas are to achieve faster and more visible than the other parts. One treatment to lose 2-6cm and with the added aparativnu drainage and dermo-lipo-aspiration results were even better, except where the loss of cellulite, fat and skin and foot muscles tighten further.

Permanent make up is a method that joins our bid for the total look salon care. This method can make corrections shape eyebrows, lips and eyelids, where every time you look fresh and neat. The treatment is performed under sterile conditions under the control of physicians.