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  • Bus: 16, 27e, 35, 43, 65, 77, 95, E6, Eko1

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Open on Sundays Pet Friendly Wheelchair accessible Parking

Belgrade is such a beautifull city, brimming with history and gorgeous locations to visit which offer a treat for the eyes and the soul. Up until recently we haven’t had many ways to experience Belgrade – you could’ve gone on foot or joined a bus tour.
Segway Belgrade tours offer a whole new experience which you will fall in love with. You can use this small personal vehicle to experience all the joys of Belgrade up close and personal, to chat with other members of the tours while enjoying the breeze, turn heads on the street, have a great time and not get tired and end up with sore feet.


Segway vehicles are lightweight and allowed in pedestrian areas where even bicycles are forbidden. This in itself shows how safe they are both for the user and the passers by – you will basically be a pedestrian on wheels. Thanks to their mobility you can go anywhere in Belgrade, easily scale slopes up and down and all that without any hassle or fatigue.

Segway vehicles are easy and fun to use and in addition to that they operate on electric energy so they are safer for the environment than their alternatives such as cars or busses. Besides, be honest – would you rather join an animated group and enjoy the breeze on your face or be cooped up in the uncomfortable seat on a bus? Not to mention that thanks to its rivers Belgrade is full of quays and ports where the temperatures in the summer can be up to several degrees lower than in the rest of the city. Earlier these could only have been visited on foot, but now you can take our Segways and glide down the very edge of the water, enjoying the smooth ride and beautiful view.

If you are worried the controls may be hard – don’t be! Segway vehicles have extremely intuitive controls and our Segway team will be more than happy to show you how to use them. Even for a full tour group the training doesn’t last for over ten minutes because the controls are that simple.

Anyone can enjoy Segways – children starting around age 13-14 – but we’d especially like to point out that they are ideal for those who would like to have a nice walk in fresh air but have difficulty walking on their own.


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