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  • 011info Belgrade guide
Weather forecast Belgrade 0℃
Variably cloudy with a chance of rain
Belgrade 5 day weather forecast
Weather forecast Belgrade 0℃
Variably cloudy with a chance of rain
Belgrade 5 day weather forecast
  • 011info Belgrade guide English version
  • 011info Belgrade guide


Board games Belgrade

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Useful information

ESCAPE GAME birthdays in the center of Belgrade

Birthday celebrations in the center of the city.

We offer four themed rooms and an Escape Cafe where we serve food, drinks and cake as well as a separate location room for experienced escapists. For all information visit us at or call us at 063/224-201. We are opened for any agreement regarding serving times and organization.

We organize birthdays intended for kids older than 9 and our cheerful Game Masters will make sure that the fun times go by in the best possible way.

Themed rooms include:

The latest room!
Started in January 2019.
Alice / Wonderland

Enter a magical adventure. Follow Alice’s steps by growing two sizes big, attending a crazy tea party and exploring a palace. Wonderland is a strange place and it’s not simple to get around. The Queen of Hearts has set up puzzles all around the land for you to solve and the White Rabbit is counting down your time. You have 60 minutes to escape Wonderland, or else the Queen will release the Jabberwocky to get you!

New room!
Started in August 2018
Japan / the Samurai Secret

Experience the mysterious Orient and discover the Samurai secret. One hour, one goal, one way out! A modern escape room setup includes a variety of problematic situations to discover, solve and connect. You’ll need one power and two weapons to solve it successfully and escape the room. Power of teamwork and the deadliest weapon of all – your brain and common sense!

The hardest room in Belgrade!
Laboratory / Secret project – Mad scientist

A whole new concept in logical challenges where you will be locked in a room – or rooms – with lots of puzzles to solve. The mad scientist’s laboratory is a place that makes you organize your team and explore the secret laboratory over the course of 60 minutes, find hidden objects, use them in the right way and discover the mystery of the project. And finally to of course escape the room.

Room with never before seen riddles!
Enigma / decoding – Spy mission

The Allied forces HQ 1941. We intercepted a German message which resists all efforts to be decrypted. It is assumed that the message has key information for winning the war. We have discovered the location of an Enigma machine that can decode the message. Your team of spies has the mission to infiltrate the German HQ, find the machine and discover the message contents – they have 60 minutes before the guard shift.

Room that isn’t for beginners!
Universe / New age mission

Good day. This is your spaceship computer speaking. A week ago, an alien source of radiation disabled all technology on Earth by causing constant malfunctions on electrical devices. The source was pinpointed to Asteroid 224. Your mission is to fly to the asteroid, discover the source and disable it. Hurry, the fate of human civilization is in your hands. Good luck.

What is real-life room escape?

Escape the room is an interactive and inventive game where you solve a series of puzzles live where the team experiments with real objects in order to solve the mystery and has the task to leave the room within a certain time span. The uniqueness of this game is that the players are physically located inside the story.

Escape Game is the first Belgrade real-life room escape game. Just like its web equivalent, the players are cast into the world of intrigue, riddles and secret codes – except it isn’t a video simulation, but a real room. The challenge for players is to construct an escape when you’re racing against time, usually you have 60 minutes.

Escape Entertainment also offers other interesting content:

- If you are interested in creative and entertaining Team Building for groups between 5-150 employees, check out our puzzle challenge at

With EscapeGame birthdays we also offer a new concept of fun puzzle solving games in teams. For kids aged 9-16 who would like their birthday party to be unique, we offer the Junior Puzzle Challenge at We’ll come to any location you choose.

If you’d like a sports-themed birthday for that same age span, we offer Laser Tag entertainment with professional gear in 1000m2 fields. Check out