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Time for you salon is located in Vracar at 11 Kralja Bodina streets and offers all ladies professional face and body care services using cosmetic products from renown global manufacturers. In our beautifully arranged ambiance you can relax and enjoy yourself with professional treatments that bring out your youth and beauty. 

Whether you'd like to reduce the amount of fat on your body, tighten loose skin or rejuvenate your face, our cosmetic salon Time for you is the best address. By applying the latest techniques such as laser therapy, mesiotherapy with or without needles and others, our kind and professional staff will make sure to make your wishes come through, with the following services: 


  1. Biological, vitamin, whitening, anti-age, chemical peeling.
  2. Radiowave lifting
  3. Laser treatments (rejuvenation – photo-rejuvenation, treatments for removing acne, spots and scars)
  4. Needle mesiotherapy (mesoglow, mesolift, stretching, filling in wrinkles and lips with hyaluronic acid, botox)
  5. Needle-free fillers (filling in wrinkles and pain-free mesiotherapy method)

Classical facial treatments include cleaning, applying active ingredients, massage, care and professional advice regarding further skin care in home conditions. We use exclusively medical, organic, and hypo-allergic herbal-based products, as well as based on stem cells and phenomenal algae and ingredients from the depths of the ocean. Cosmetic houses that we work with are from France and Italy. Some of the more famous ones include: Auriege and Rvb diego dalla palma.

Radiowave lifting (RWL) – the treatment itself is recommended to all those who would like to enjoy a long-term lifting effect without any complications caused by surgery. It can be done preemptively around the age of 25 in order to erase premature ageing effects and is available to older people as well to remove the effects of ageing by tightening loose skin, removing wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. The treatments can be done for the face as well as for other body parts in order to improve the growth of collagen and elastane. This means it’s very successful as an anti-cellulite treatment, fat burning and stretch-mark reduction treatment.

Laser treatments help greatly with problematic skin because the laser beam itself enhances the creation of elastane and collagen which enhance skin regeneration. If you have a problem with inflammation processes caused by clogged lymphatic channels and bacteria build up, the laser can have beneficial effects on that problem because just by the high temperatures breaching to the mid dermis layer we destroy pathogenic organisms and perform sebo-normalization.

Needle mesiotherapy – a highly popular method for a swift and incredibly effective rejuvenation result. Needle injections as well as certain technology can also stimulate collagen and elastane production! Adding to that certain vitamin composites with unavoidable hyaluronic acid and we can reduce signs of ageing within half an hour. Prior to the treatment we apply anesthesia to the treated area in the form of a dental anesthesia (if we are working on the mouth region) and as a local anesthesia in the form of a salve for other parts of the face. Swelling is neglectable, results are phenomenal without any allergic reactions or side-effects. These interventions are done by a doctor.   

The needle-free mesiotherapy method applies a combination of electroporation with sonophoresis or injecting active substances via air pressure. Ultrasonic waves and electrical impulses enhance the effects of the treatment itself which involves a deeper effect and activating substances in the subdermal layer.

 In the case of working with bar pressure, just the effect of hyaluronic acid-infused oxygen or another vitamin cocktail leads to a much faster and better effect. This treatment is a HIT in Europe because the face immediately looks fresher and more toned with fewer blemishes, wrinkles and scars. It’s required to have several sessions depending on your age in order to achieve the optimal effect in order to make them last up to 6 months. During the treatment we apply 2.5 cubic meters of pure hyaluron on the entire face and mostly in the area of the imperfections. In other words: FILLERS WITHOUT NEEDLES, a warm recommendation for all clients who would like to alleviate the signs of ageing and make up for their lost hyaluron which fades from the body naturally with age.

Body treatments:

  1. Ultrasound, electrostimulation, radiowave treatments
  2. Massages (lymphatic drainage, relax, raiki, anti-cellulite)
  3. Algae treatments (packaging for reducing enlarged veins, fat deposits, sagging skin, cellulite)
  4. Laser treatments (removing stretch-marks via lasers, epilation)
  5. Lypolysis (mesiotherapy for cellulite and fat deposits)

Ultrasound methods of the body are used as introduction procedures that assist in breaking fat deposits and cellulite zones. They also serve to better absorb the products with active effects for problematic areas. After that we frequently apply manual and vibration massage.

Muscle electro stimulation is a therapy for body shaping, cellulite reduction and general weight loss. A total of 9 types of electricity work by passing electrical impulses through electrodes set on the body causing muscle contractions. These impulses aren’t unpleasant and cause your muscles to passively exercise. By electro-stimulating the skin, the sub-dermal layer and muscles we achieve volume reduction of two to three centimeters in the waist, hips, legs and arms.

Using a technology of fractioned IPL lasers we can treat white stretch marks and make them more shallow and less visible. The entire affected area will improve. Months after the treatment we continue to boost the rejuvenation of original de-pigmentated skin and its remodelling through the production of new collagen and elastane fibers.

Massages – there is no better and more influential method of relaxation than manual touch. In addition to the fact that the movements themselves improve metabolic and biochemical processes on the level of the skin, entire lymphatic and bloodstream system is engaged which involves exchanging matter on an inter-cellular level and leads to a greater oxygen concentration in the body. Often massages can replace recreation an exercise because they achieve the same effect.

Algae treatments are fully natural, nutritious packages that improve the re-absorption of fat deposits. The number of treatments is unlimited and can be done twice a week or more frequently. Depending on the scope of the problem some clients can achieve the desired results after 4,5 sessions. First you have the skin peeling, then apply a thin layer of algae to soothe expanded veins and tighten the skin. For reducing fat deposits (bomb) and reducing cellulite. In one package we place a variety of algae to different parts of the body according to the nature of your problem. The treatment lasts half an hour to 40 minutes and afterward we usually perform lymphatic node stimulation and drainage for about 45 minutes.

Laser epilation is a medical, non-invasive and most efficient method of removing unwanted body hair. Hair can be treated on all parts of the body except around the eyes. Epilation candidates are mostly patients with excess or unwanted hairyness from the adolescent age to older days. It is one of the most efficient and best investments that solves a big problem for modern women. Save money and time that you would spend on using expensive razors or getting waxed at least once a month. We perform treatments using the latest SHR technology which doesn’t leave any undesired consequences and isn’t influenced by the sunlight.

Lypolysis is an invasive type of influencing localized excess fat and cellulite-ridden zones. It’s performed via needles on a previously anesthetized body part. This treatment is done by doctors with a client’s consent and having previously done an examination. Mesiococktails consist of a bunch of enzymes that actually reduce, or better to say ‘eat’ the fat. Results are visible very quickly, even after the first treatment. Usually it takes several treatments to achieve the desired effect.  


Permanent makeup (microblanding, tattoo) if you would like a powdery or shaded appearance for your eyebrows or lips schedule you term at Time for you cosmetic salon. Also, if you are a fan of the natural look due to Japanese eyebrow drawing method of one hair strand at a time, we can also offer you that type of permanent drawing.

Silk eyelashes – many ladies say ‘I won’t need makeup anymore!’ You too can look like a Hollywood star, accentuate your eyes using various types of silk eyelashes.

Professional makeup – will make your face look flawless during a celebration. Its main effect is accentuating your beauty, removing smaller imperfections and helping you look younger, fresher, more attractive. Thanks to the quality of the makeup we use, we can guarantee our clients the reliability of the makeup that will endure the passing time. You will look attractive, delight your friends. Makeup is done by a team of makeup artists who have over 20 years of experience working on music videos, movie sets and commercials. We also give recommendations for corrective cosmetics of medical origin with nutritious anti-age ingredients without any side-effects. After all, our skin is our largest organ and we have to take care of it.

Contact information:  

Address: 11 Kralja Bodina street, contact: 069/652 997


TIME FOR YOU Body lifting Beograd
TIME FOR YOU Body lifting Beograd
TIME FOR YOU Body lifting Beograd