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Bolsters Belgrade

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Agraroprema shop has in its program everything for the garden, yard, countryside and city.

We excell at selling small mechanization for agriculture. We offer spare parts for motocultivators from the brands: "IMT 504, 505, 506, 507, 509", "Labinprogres", "Goldoni", "Toma Vinković", "Gorenje Muta", "Benasi", "Valpadana" as well as all brands of mills and mill blades.

- Mower spare parts: IMT 407, FIGARO, BCS

- Sprinklers for protecting fruit, vegetables, vinyards (back, manual, hand...)
- Battery sprinklers (engine, back, engine pushing, atomizers)

- Pumps (electric, submerging with appropriate with accompanying expendable materials: swords, chains, files, fuses, oils and lubricants, motor ground drills)
- Saws (motor and electric with accompanying expendable materials: tractor mowers,
- Mowers: (engine and electric rotary, tractor mowers, meadow frontal, vertikular grass, with supplies wheels, knives, candles)
- Grass Trimmers (motor, battery with electrical supplies, spare parts, heads, nylons, etc.., Hand hair, sickle, Sickle)
- Pruning shears hedge (motor and electric), vacuum cleaners.
- Seals and Bearings
- Pruning shears for fruit (hand-held, two-hand collapsable, machetes)
- Shredders for fruit, crushers for grapes
- Snowblower, electric shepherds
- The city of brandy, SIROMER cylinders
- Electric and hand tools, keys
- Hand tools for the country: spades, krampini, Pirun, hoes, shovels, forks, rakes, picks.
- Hoses garden of various profiles with guns connections to the tap, adapters, connectors
- Sprayers for grass seed hand mower
- Axes, pickaxes, a mallet, hammer
- Agricultural carts, wheels

Working hours:
Workdays: 9AM - 5PM
Saturdays: 8AM - 3PM

We deliver via express mail.










AGRAROPREMA Bolsters Beograd
AGRAROPREMA Bolsters Beograd
AGRAROPREMA Bolsters Beograd